1 Boliviano 1987

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Series: 1864~2010 - Republica (Decimal Coinage) Circulation
Catalog codes: World Coins km205
Issued on: 1987
Last issue date: 2008
Distribution: Standard Circulation

Mints: Baden-Wurttemberg State Mint (Staatliche Münzen Baden-Württemberg), Stuttgart, Germany (F Mint Mark) | Casa de Moneda de Chile, Santiago, Chile | Hamburg Mint (Hamburgische Munze), Germany (I or J Mint Mark) | Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, Canada | Royal Spanish Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, FNMT-RCM), Madrid, Spain

Composition: Stainless Steel
Edge: Plain/smooth
Orientation: Coin alignment ↑O↓
Shape: Circular
Rim: Raised. Gladiform. Both sides
Weight: 5 grams
Diameter: 27 mm
Face value: 1 Bs. - Bolivian boliviano
Known mintage: 96,150,000
Composition Details: ~ Iron 18-25% Chromium, Iron, 8-20% Nickel, 1-2% Carbon

Front: (value) 1 BOLIVIANO above small wreath of
2 branches with (2x3) 6 leaves inside cable-like circle
legend: (motto) LA UNION ES LA FUERZA
translation: Unity is Strength
(bottom, year between spacers/dots) • (1987 - 2008) •
Back: 3rd Coat of arms (1888, last modification 1963)
legend: (top state name) REPUBLICA DE BOLIVIA
(bottom, spacer/5- pointed star) - ☆ -
Edge: P – plain, type: Π

Year: 1987
Face value: 1